About us

Musicall Advanced Academy for the Performing Arts will be open to all eligible kindergarten through grade 8 students residing within Miami Dade County. Following federal anti-discrimination laws and the Florida Educational Equity Act, we will not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, disability, or marital status. All students would need to apply for admission and would have to be selected by lottery if there are more applicants than spaces available. Also, the school will inform the community of its public-school status and have a fair and open admissions process without preferences.

At MAAPA, we strongly believe that Music Education and Arts, in general, should be part of the integral education of every child. The integration of Arts and creative processes in the day-to-day school curriculum and activities is the most effective tool to engage and motivate students and stimulate children’s learning process. The anticipated population to be served is directly aligned with the school’s mission, vision, and philosophy, because the need for additional high-quality schools with innovative and effective strategies in the community is evident in Miami Dade County’s demographic data, especially during these post-pandemic times when we (educators) have the great responsibility to heal the harm that Covid-19 socio-economic effects has inflicted on our children and families.

The school will also provide a standard-based curriculum (with adequate preparation for state assessments), strengthening the school-home connection to meet the student population’s individual needs. By offering an open admissions policy, the school will provide equitable choice opportunities for all students across grades K-8.